Last seats available for excursion programme at the LCC General Assembly !

Neues Bild (6)Have you already decided on how to make the most out of your stay in Dubai during the General Assembly? A good way to get to know the country and the culture is to take part in one of the excursion prorammes we offer prior and after the event.
There are still some seats available for your to book. We highly recommend the following activities:


East Coast Tour on 27.11. and 30.11 - This amazing full day excursion takes you to the east coast, with its beautiful landscapes. Click here for more information.

Dubai Walking Tour on 27.11 and 30.11 - A walking tour of Dubai’s old quarter is the best way to get acquainted with the city’s heritage. Click here for more information.

Falcon Experience on 27.11 and 30.11 - Enjoy a truly private interactive falconry experience which is very unique in the UAE and which guarantees unforgettable memories. Click here for more information.

Sandboarding Safari on 27.11 and 30.11 - The contrast between the ancient ‘Bedu’ lifestyle and one of the world’s latest sports makes this an unforgettable tour. Click here for more information.

LCC City Rally on 27.11 - Explore Dubai beyond the classical guided tour – now it is time for teambuilding and interaction.Click here for more information.

If you want to book one of the offered excursion, please send an email